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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Its Christmas Again w00t !!1!!one!one!!111

a non-denominational bloody massive Christmas Goat in Sweden, yesterday

So how are y'all its been a while ....again... no-one has bothered to send me any cryptozoological stuff so todays is entirely dull its probably death worms or mokele membes or something, see i haven't even decided yet.

Well whats been happening in the lovely world of food, you remember the gutless FSA and it being ordered about by the FDF? well who steps up to the plate but Ofcom who is a kind of Robert McCall character (those of you who never watched The Equalizer need to watch it NOW it rocks on every level, Eewar Woowar is the rockest septagenarian ex SAS, CIA funded vigilante EVAH!) ..... anyhoo Ofcom has backed up its ginger specky runny-nosed mate the FSA and told the all powerful FDF that it can't advertise its filthy disgusting chicken-arse-skin-dippers to children by cynically pasteing a picture of Scooby Doo on the front but the FDF has the brass balls to claim it's "over the top"!! now is it just me or does that sound like the whining of some evil profiteering scum or not? Well the scraps on the rec' at half four so join us all in a big ring shouting "fight, fight, fight etc"

This a a quite interesting link to the pesticide residues on fruit and veg' which comes from the USFDA

Some welshies have to change the name of their "Welsh Dragon" sausages by the entirely pointless bureacrats at Trading Standards because they don't contain real Dragon!, shame that but i imagine it would taste of chicken everything else does

The government gives vouchers for fruit and veg' that will now no doubt be spent on 10 Sovereign or some Kestrel Super

Cryptozoology Corner

Is David Icke Right?, Do Lizard Men Walk Amongst Us?

Crytomundo has a load of links to fiendish lizard blokes, and these people are just frickin' nuts

Film Of The Week

Undead 2003
Rene, a small-time beauty queen, is forced to move out of her hometown Berkeley, a sleepy town in Queensland due to finicial problems. However, barely had she started the journey when meteors start raining down from the sky, turning all those hit into zombies. In an attempt to escape, she stumbles upon a small group of surviviors including the single most annoying copper wearing shorts i have ever seen on film, and together they must fight their way out of town. However, one of the survivors firmly believes it is more than just a simple zombie outbreak, but part of a bigger conspiracy.
Loads of humour, gore and a ridiculous back plot, Sharpey likes it so much he's had my copy for 6 months.

Other Random Good Stuff

The unutterably funny Alien Loves Predator

and the equally good Ask Dr Eldritch

Right i'm off to get egg-nogged up, see you next year Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"Quick Tony has just pushed Colin in a bush"

In a completely unsurprising move the all powerful FDF (food and drink federation) have responded to the FSA's "traffic light labelling" recommendation by stealing its lunch money, flicking spit in its hair, throwing its bag up on the bus shelter roof and then pushing it in a bush,figuratively speaking. The FSA is a 13 year old ginger boy called colin who's mom is the school nurse, the FDF is a seventeen year old called tony kept down a year, who smokes and whose mom is in Askham Grange
I know the nations health is seriously affected by obesity, i know that more education is needed to prevent the percentage of morbidly obese children increasing but putting traffic lights on food! WTF were they thinking?, you only have to look at the demographic of the people who are at most grave risk like these two fantastic mothers Whether you like it or not, it is the very poorest children of this country who suffer and it is these very same children who suside on pot noodles and sunny delight because their parents don't know any better, let the govenrment educate as well as legislate, let it have the foresight of Belgium and Sweden who forbid the marketing of food and drink to children as it is "morally reprehensible" to market products to gullible children, far be it from me to suggest that the government has any vested interest in keeping the purveyors of crap on the TV and in fridges but there were questions over some of the peerages offered to labour party **Ahem** **cough** "investors" see this list of some of the questionable labour party contributors and then think "cheese-strings" and see if you want to "try something new today"
If you have ANY doubt about conflicting interest of the FSA board members read this lets have a look at the FSA's board members

Cryptozoology Corner


Okay i know my obsession with werewolves is well documented and i can even trace the source to my buying a marvel comic called werewolf at the beach shop in Par in the **cough** seventies **cough** and similarly a couple of years later Hammer House of Horror had an episode where Diana Dors lived in a house in the woods with a gaggle of werewolf kids had a profound effect on my young mind, but deep down even though it saddens me greatly i know they don't exist.
So how these people can seriously discuss dragons albeit in a scientificistic "well if their bones were hollow and their had a residual methane filled swin bladder they could fly" type of way but its the preface from a guy who said he saw a dragon at a country fair in 1911 and goes on to discuss how they make fire that gets my loony of the week/month/quater/who knows? award

Film of the Week

Old Boy

Oldboy is a 2003 South Korean film directed by Park Chan-wook based on a Japanese manga of the same name. The film can be described as a psychological thriller, utilizing many elements of film noir to examine the nature of sin and morality, with distinct themes of Greek tragedy. The bare outlines of the plot are reminiscent of The Count of Monte Cristo (the director himself makes the homage explicit at one point), but the movie diverges very freely from its source. It is the second installment of Park's "vengeance trilogy", preceded by Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and followed by Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. It is massive cool and along with Visitor Q and A Tale of Two Sisters it's one of the must see tartan asia extreme movies of the week.

Other Random Good Stuff

This is a massive webcomic based in a fictional northern mill town somewhere close to halifax, its good stuff but be prepared to waste an entire weekend reading it just navigate back to the first page by clicking on the chapters heading and then wake up for work on monday scarygoround

and this is a link to the wonderful Boing-Boing which trawls the web for cool stuff so you don't have to.

Well thats another one over, lets hope its not quite so long before entries next time eh? but i'll be honest i'm running out of cryptozoology stuff, and before you say owt i'm not put ghost or vampires in cos one of them is soft "wooooo wooooo be scared of me i'm incorporeal, watch out or i may float near you" and the other one doesn't exist outside of a goths head. So any sensible cryptozoology suggestions or general spookiness (without being spooks) let me know; ciao babies

Thursday, July 06, 2006

All things are not created equal (except lego and Mary Kate and Ashley)

Have a guess what these two young lovelies are meant to be? ...... no? that believe it or not is ronald and ronaldina McDonald, japan stylee, yep to celebrate the launch of the
Tomato McGrand, using two models to advertise a 1100 calorie, 56g of fat beauty is astonishing even by our Nestle cereals as a health food TV advertising culture.

However good news Education Secretary Alan Johnson published a "minimum nutrition standards for school food" on the 19th May, of the good things it addresses are the expulsion of low quality meat products, deep fried food restrictions, two portions of fruit or veg each meal etc etc. Read the full thing here oh and if you are interested or indeed involved in the changes that HAVE to happen in school food provision in the next year, see here, it includes the full auditing and planning toolkit as set out by the Department of Health.

But i have a problem or two with it

These pictures are both of chips one is of
Sarotoga Chips the history of which was "hilariously" portrayed by Johnny Ball who dressed up as "red indian" George Crum (this was the early 80's) to depict his reaction to a dissing that his sauted potatoes at the Moon Lake Lodge were too thick by slicing them too thinly to eat with a fork and then covering them with salt.
The other CHiPs are officers Jon Baker and Frank Poncherello of the California Highway Patrol who have an entirely different nutritional profile yet are both unable to be served in schools because "chips is chips", by the way if you ever get chance to buy the DVD of CHiPs '99 by all means do, there is nothing more entertaining / heartbreaking than seeing former childhood idols gone to pot (same goes for The Dukes of Hazzard Reunion, seeing Daisy trying to get in the windows of the General Lee brought tears to mine eyes).

The point being that it is not so cut and dried that low sugar is intrinsically better (my thoughts on artificial sweeteners are written all over this blog) likewise not all crisps are bad, here's a little pop quiz

A/ Ingredients: Potatoes, vegetable oil, cheese and onion flavour [onion powder, lactose, flavour enhancers (monosodium glutamate, sodium guanylate), cheese powder made with animal rennet, wheat maltodextrin, flavouring, colour (annatto)], salt.

Nutritional information
Per 100g: 525 calories; 33g fat (of which 15g is saturated fat); 0.7g sodium (equivalent to 1.75g of salt).

B/ Ingredients; Potatoes, Fully refined non-hydrogenated Sunflower Oil, Natural Mature Cheddar & Red Onion flavour.

Nutritional information
PER 100g; ENERGY 2118kj / 507Kcal PROTEIN 8.9g CARBOHYDRATES 49.3g of which SUGARS 2.0g FAT 30.5g of which SATURATES 4.2g of which MONO-UNSATURATES 8.7g of which POLY-UNSATURATES 16.1g DIETARY FIBRE 5.0g SODIUM 0.5g Equivalent as SALT 1.7g

Okay one of these is a handbaked crisp, one is a leading brand crisp both of them are cheese and onion flavour, can you tell which is which and can you honestly tell me looking at those ingredients that these products are entirely equal?

Crytozoology Corner

Are there still thunderbirds in the sky?

The Thunderbird is a creature common to native American religion. It is named such as the beating of its enormous wings causes thunder and stirs the wind. The Lakota name for the Thunderbird is "Wakinyan," a word formed from "kinyan," meaning "winged," and "wakan," "sacred." It is described as being two canoe-lengths from wingtip to wingtip, with glowing red eyes that cause lightning when closed. Storms are said to be caused by its flight. However it seems that many people are of the opinion that this is not the stuff of legend but something giant flapping round the skies of North America right now

Film Of The Week

Hellsing Vols 1-4
Okay i know its another cartoon or more specifically anime, the highly stylised form of japanese animation, remember Battle of the Planets? well this series OWNS B.O.P.
The Hellsing of the title refers to the Hellsing Foundation a secret organisation operating with the Knowledge of Her Majestys Government (yes its set in England) precided over by Sir Integra Whingates Hellsing (who is a woman so rock she is a sir rather than a dame) the direct decendant of Abraham Van Hellsing, Stokers original vampire hunter. With an unlikely ally in Alucard (yep its dracula backwards) and his vampire ward Ceres Victoria and faithful family retainer Walter (the angel of death) they all KICK VAMPIRES TO BITS.
Massive guns, crazy vatican warrior priests, undead children, ghouls, SAS, vampire dogs biting legs off............Brilliant.

Other good stuff
These comics RRRUUUULLLLLEE remember to press the << button to go back to the start of the strip or manually select it or you'll miss all the good stuff


Dr McNinja

Bye miss y'all already, mind you with my inability to write owt for ages it'll probably be a couple of months before i get owt else done, to be honest its the "crytozoology corner" thats proving the sluffer (technical term) as i'm running out of mysterious stuff and i don't want to resort to ghosts because ghosts are soft except Sadako out of the ring who is the hardest dead teenage goth ghost out.

This is Mary-Kate and Ashley saying "like TOTALLY seeya later homies"

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

YAY I'm Back

AAAATTTISSHHHOOOOOOO have that you aesthetically pleasing grebes

Well here i is again, i have been off the radar because of some proxy server problem wuh?, when did people start saying "off the radar" its like "i'll keep you in the loop" or my personal favourite "service level agreements" seriously we have these things, now in my dads day, service level agreements (SLA's .... yeah really) were called DOING YOUR JOB or DYJ and if you didn't DYJ you got sacked and then had to live as a tramp before you got picked off the streets by the police beaten severely and then put in a mental hospital (you could call them mental hospitals then) where a man who called himself doctor, and who had "disappeared" 100's of vagrants previously, either performed an unsanctioned and unnecessary labotomy with a coat hanger or liquid coshed you for 30 years until World in Action discovered your plight and forced you in to Care in the Community whereby you walked the streets of Bootle frightened and confused, being happy slapped by estate filth whilst their grubby minimally educated "posse" laugh along.............. sooooo aaaannnyway if you are one of those people who are defined by your ability to write reports rather than actually produce anything then this may help in that it provides you with the tools to say absolutely nothing but make it sound important thereby disguising your complete inability to produce anything, safe in the knowledge that there are worthier people in Bootle being happy slapped as you blither.

OK back to business, swans eh? ccuuhh (thats my attempt at putting into letters that sound you make when you you kind of tut whilst raising your head slightly and rolling your eyes) there i was only the other month going on about pandemic this and epidemic that and poo-pooing it all and then blow me down if a bird flu'd up German (yes German) swan washes up dead in Scotland which is ironic because thats where it started according to the Scotsman Newspaper
This is some massive stork things being sprayed at a zoo in Scotland to save them from bird flu, now i don't know about you but if those things escaped bird flu would be the last of my worries i'd be more scared of being PECKED TO DEATH by their massive beaks then carried off to a nest on the top of a volcano like Doug Maclures lass in
At The Earths Core who was the foremost horror siren of the day the fantastic Caroline Munro

Now i think i've mentioned this before but seeing as this blog is simply an extension of my own id and ego i'll repeat myself, Sodium Benzoate is A POISON do not feed it to your kids, if you do me and Esther Rantzen will go medieval on your booty, seriously the FDA and the FSA know that sodium benzoate or E211 is a poison so they limit it to 0.1g per 100g but, is it just me or, do you find it unacceptable that the soft drinks producers operate with apparent total immunity from the law, see this article to see how impotent government agencies are in the face of the huge lobbying power of these companies, it actually says "we told them to stop and they said they'd do it" what next The FSA chase the drinks companies round the park dressed as saucy nurses in fast motion..jeebus!

Cryptozoology Corner

Thar be sea-serpents Yar

Not yer run of the mill Loch Ness Sturgeon sighting but real massive stuff including photo's of a sail fish which i'd never heard of before but it grows upto 30 feet long, all links here courtesy of the lovely people at Shadow Lands

Thar she blows YAR!!

Film of the Week
Family Guy; Stewie Griffin the Untold Story

Stewie and Brian Griffin are quite simply the two best characters in cartoonland in this film Stewie, the maniacal baby genius, is distracted from his plans for world domination after a near-death experience. Stewie plays nice thus creating an alternate goody-two-shoes version of himself. Convinced that a man on TV (his future self) must be his real father (after all, how could he possibly share genetic material with the dimwitted Peter?), Stewie sets off on a cross-country road trip to find him. But his incredible journey leads him to discoveries far more vile and shocking than anything found in his diaper.
Sample Stewie-ism
Stewie: I say, Mother, this hot dog has been on my plate for a full minute and it hasn't yet cut itself.
Lois: Honey, I'll be right there.
Stewie: Oh, by all means, take your time. Oh, and when you do finally get around to it, I'll be the one covered in flies with a belly that protrudes half-way to bloody Boston! . ACE

Other Random godd stuff

Enjoy it or you are a twit, toodle-oo for now

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Years Resolutions anyone?

this is the sublime poofy's new years resoloution

Chances are though that you have all overdone it on Snowballs, fairisle jumpers and charades, so what do we do? yep New Years resolutions like this list of the top ten well meaning resolutions, but we all know you lay off fags until that first faux stressful moment, or stay off the ale until you can tie your shoes without having to push your liver out of the way, or even join a gym, now as someone who spent a good many years of his life in a gym i can understand the whole endorphin thing, plus you can eat, drink and smoke loads (the principle of doing ALL things to excess including the good for you bits) but as someone who periodically lapses i can understand the whole torpid inertia of getting off the Playstation sorry XBox 360 and going out of the house to anywhere apart from The Old Bailey, one of the main criticisms people have is the amount of time you have to sign up for well these people called Save On My, who offer advice on like...saving money...and that!?!. Oh and here is a link to the Times article on choosing the right gym for you

I know this is ostensibly a blog about food, so it would eb remiss of me not to mentions this but here is a clue as to what a lot of folk could do relatively easily to make vast improvements to their health and well being


We know this people, obesity is a major contributor to cancer, heart disease, cirrohsis of the liver, kidney failure, impotence and now the Mental Health Foundation and the Secretary of State for Health make the link between poor nutrition and mental health as if just to rub it in here is another study linking obesity to Alzheimer’s disease
I'm not going to bang on about it because you know you've got a problem if you are having Black Forest Gateaux for breakfast and all your clothes have elastic waists. So i'll just mention that fast food can be very fast and very ace, i've mentioned it before but this is the best quick snack you will ever had, if a lttle wordy and this gives you 75 different quick ideas

Cryptozoology Corner

This months we will be looking at demons, was reading in some alternative therapy magazine about "angel therapy" and thought, well if angels are on the come back trail why not their nemeses the demns, so i googled it and whaddya know, they are all over the shop, here is a link site with some pretty creepy ones on there along with the sound clip from that Norwegian drilling team who claim to have taped hell,dig in


There ahve not been nearly enough werewolf based items on this blog for ages so in order to set this right i will submit to you the genius that is

Is becoming a woman analogous, in some deep psychological way, to becoming a werewolf? because there have been a slew of films and books with this subject but none does it better than this.Ginger is 16, edgy, tough, and, with her younger sister, into staging and photographing scenes of death. They've made a pact about dying together. In early October, on the night of a full moon, a werewolf bites Ginger. Within a few days, some serious changes happen to her body and her temperament. Her sister Brigitte, 15, tries to find a cure with the help of Sam, a local doper. As Brigitte races against the clock, Halloween and another full moon approach, Ginger gets scarier, and it isn't just local dogs that begin to die.
There were two sequels the second in the series being even more grim (in a good way) than this one. An absolute must for any fan of the horror genre, and its canadian so no slushy subplots aimed at teenagers.

And Finally

Because it doesn't fit anywhere else
The excellent toothpastefor dinner

and the equally hilarious Bad Gas

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ho Ho and indeed Ho

the Christmas Stoat

Well its that time again, peace on earth and goodwill to all men, but lets not forget the true meaning of Christmas....... presents and enormous excess!.
The TNS Superpanel predicts another record breaking year as Britons go mad at the checkouts with an expected 17% increase on last years spend in Christmas week on festive grocery shopping to £3.3b (US$5.8b) with the figure for December said to hit £13.3b, US$23.8b(and remember this is just grocery shopping, not including Ipod's you will only load one album to, or lingerie in sizes so insultingly wrong they will never see the light of day). This is not a new thing our forebears knew more about excess than we ever will check this out mmmmm swan However there has been an equally massive rise in ethical consumerism which is encouraging, but it's not all sweetness and light apparently the more discerning palette can readily enjoy the taste of.....


Santa's reindeers !!!!! for the love of god man, Noooooooooo

Although i believe that they may not be using Santa's real reindeer as you can actually track Santa here using NORAD, the North American Air Defense system! you know those secret bases up in the Cheyanne Mountains set up to intercept incoming Soviet nuclear missliles....yes really! I guess the cold war really is over.

Oh yes remember the last post, that one down there headed "We're Doomed" well i don't like to say i told you so... oh hang on yes i do, i can exclusively reveal that not one of my friends, neighbours or colleagues has died of bird flu' however i don't know how i'll survive the horrors of killer cheese it's not the whisky or the cigars or the gallons of brandy butter swilling down undercooked fowl, no its a french soft cheese thats going to get you.

If you are having turkey here is the science of cooking a turkey and this explains why some foods taste better at certain temperatures, its all a bit dull though, so don't bother unless you're an obsessive like me.

On a more serious note, i make mention often on these pages and in our online webzine, to go online shortly at suma of my problem with additives and the like, particularly AZO colourings and artificial sweeteners, so no surprises that there is more and more evidence coming out to show that its these things we should be worrying about not bloody salt or sugar, this study links aspartame with cancer, lets remember that Apsartame has only been in the food chain for one generation and even the ordinarily quite lax FDA called for a much more extended testing period before it was released into the food chain, look at the can you're holding i bet that it has aspartame in it and sodium benzoate, but thats another story,
This looks at the previously unstudied problems that additive combining could produce, along with the disturbing fact that additives banned in most of Erope and the US are freely eaten by our children in the UK.

Cryptozoology Corner

Well i promised them some time ago but here they are, Shadow People, mentioned in the Koran and spoken of in shamanic tradition, more recently in the works of HP Lovecraft and Phillip Pullman in the excellent His Dark Materials shadowy creatures from another dimension or just ghosty things you decide

Film Of the Week

For those of you that think my life revolves around werewolves and mung beans you are wrong this months film of choice is an absolute stunner of a film that the whole family can enjoy

The Princess Bride

Made in 1987 by Rob Reiner, who made two of the funniest films ever made The Jerk and This Is Spinal Tap (we'll forget about Sleepless in Seattle) with a largely unheard of lead cast, but a support cast second to none Peter Cook, Carol Kane, Peter Falk, Billy Crystal (back when he was funny). It follows the fortunes of Wesley and Buttercup a pair of mis-matched lovers in fairytale times, and involves in no particular order a giant, fire swamps, mel smith with scabs, ROUS's (rodents of unusual size), the most intelligent sicilian in the world and the "Dwead Piwate Woberts".
Pure genius from beginning to end it's that good that julius here at Suma has had my copy for 3 months!. see what IMDB had to say here

And Finally

Because it doesn't fit anywhere else

A bloke eats some really rather unpleasant food which are delicacies elsewhere in the worldPlease Steve Don't Eat It

And one for those of you who don't mind undisclosed vitriol and language that would make Ozzy blush here is Life Long Disappointment in which people spit venom at work colleagues they don't get along with.

Here are beedogs, needs no introduction hundreds of pictures of dogs dressed as bees like this one

A Beedog Yesterday

Until Next time have a very Happy Christmas and i remain............

Thursday, November 24, 2005

We're Doomed.......doomed i say

Ok, hands up anyone who knows anyone at all that has died from BSE? Listeria? Bird Flu? Sudan Red poisoning?, now hands up anymone who knows anyone who has died of cancer, heart disease or a stroke ? bit of a different picture isn't it, yet we sit in hushed conversations at work and home and in the pub, discussing the impending end of the world from the latest fashionable thing.
Pandemic is an oft used word these days, but its used as if it were either a new word or one evocative of the Dark Ages and the black death. Pandemic in its literal sense means whole geographical areas affected, but with our attitudes and abilities for global travel what pandemic means now is "Global", i would argue that the strains of bird flu in South East Asia are not even an epidemic (meaning large scale casualty rate in a moderately large area) i would suggest due to the ways in which contagian presents itself to the at risk population (they live with chickens in the house for gods sake) that what we are seeing is an endemic problem, one restricted to a smaller geographical or social groups.

Right back to sudan red, i'm only going to say this once more Sudan red was only outlawed in food in 2003, those of us that ate Spangles, Vesta Curry, Frazzles, Golden Wonder MSG crisps, Cherry Bombz and Monster Munch all washed down with Cresta "Rimski Korsakov its frothy man!" or Quattro, have enough banned AZO colours floating round our respective genomes to last forever, i am convinced thats why my friends and i of a certain age are never ill even with our high fag and alcohol lifestyles, its because we are steeped in preservatives.
And to those pious ones amongst you who say "i never eat processed food anyway", consider this, do you think that smoked salmon comes out of a smokery bright pink?, no it looks like this unless its full of the very colours decried in processed foods, also how long has that turmeric, garam masala and saffron been in your acheingly trendy, white ash fitted kitchen?, because a good deal of milled spices have been in the food chain in excess of FIVE YEARS, sudan was outlawed in 2003!
I've said it before, but this hysteria around silly little food scares is embarrassing, whilst i might not be able to get tandoori chicken wings or palm oil from the Kwik-E-Mart i can still console myself with 20 Malboro Lights and 3 litres of anti-freeze masquerading as white cider, to wash my turkey twizzlers down, and all for less than a tenner! cashback! (that was meant to be ironic by the way)

So whats the answer, wear a mask?, live on light?, take mega-dose vitamins?, Nope easier than that, don't eat too much processed rubbish, buy a copy of E For Additives, read labels, take a bit more exercise and stop worrying (see last entries donkey mortality figures for solace, except of course i made that bit up as do many people see here oh and ducks quacks DO echo by the way)

Oh and as for flu' jabs here is the SP on them i repeat "you're all doomed" and here is the wonder food which will stop you getting bird flu (alledgedly) as long as you don't mind smelling all....well teutonic, yep its sauerkraut say it ain't so Joe, say it ain't so.

I have'nt looked at the wonderfully sweary yet hilarious people at unnovations for ages, but how could i resist a sales pitch that asks "Could this be the worlds most dramatically effective baker-infuriating hat" genius! check out the links. Warning not for the "faint of swear" (if thats even a condition, and i haven't just made it up)

Cryptozoology Corner

Hooray lovely big black spectral dogs for man and ...err dog, i knew of Black Shuck and Padfoot but apparently there's blimmin loads of em, here and here and here


NEW FEATURE; each entry is going to have a recommendation of my film of the week, but seeing as its only being up dated once in every three it will henceforth be known as film of the present period, no scrap that it sounds rubbish


Christian Bale, yes that Christian Bale the new Batman lost 42 stone to play the troubled Trevor Reznick, a lathe operator in a humdrum job who hasn't slept for a year, the comparisons to Memento and Jacobs Ladder are obvious but a little unjust, as its plot also has echo's of another, less fashionable, film but to give you its title would give a vital plot clue away, and i hate plot spoilerers. Reznicks descent into paranoia is fanatastically well played by Bale, a strong support cast including Jennifer Jason Leigh who has cornered the tart with a heart market, filmed in Spain and a little off the radar for our American chums, this fully deserves its cult status;
Watch while drinking JD straight from the bottle, smoking Camels and eating burritos at 2 in the morning..........on a work night!.

And Finally

Elland is now officially the International Town of Culture, here i am during a recent cultural exchange, in the ancient Thracian port of Nessebar in Bulgaria, i believe in this photo i am indicating how many years it is before Bulgaria join the EU to the French Foreign Attache

And Next Time? who knows, but it will have food, odd creatures and now film, its easy to see how these blog things have become very theraputic, why pay some gestalt therapist loads of cash to sit behind you going "Hhhmmm" when you can pour it all out on to (cyber) paper and have terrific fun doing it?