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Thursday, July 06, 2006

All things are not created equal (except lego and Mary Kate and Ashley)

Have a guess what these two young lovelies are meant to be? ...... no? that believe it or not is ronald and ronaldina McDonald, japan stylee, yep to celebrate the launch of the
Tomato McGrand, using two models to advertise a 1100 calorie, 56g of fat beauty is astonishing even by our Nestle cereals as a health food TV advertising culture.

However good news Education Secretary Alan Johnson published a "minimum nutrition standards for school food" on the 19th May, of the good things it addresses are the expulsion of low quality meat products, deep fried food restrictions, two portions of fruit or veg each meal etc etc. Read the full thing here oh and if you are interested or indeed involved in the changes that HAVE to happen in school food provision in the next year, see here, it includes the full auditing and planning toolkit as set out by the Department of Health.

But i have a problem or two with it

These pictures are both of chips one is of
Sarotoga Chips the history of which was "hilariously" portrayed by Johnny Ball who dressed up as "red indian" George Crum (this was the early 80's) to depict his reaction to a dissing that his sauted potatoes at the Moon Lake Lodge were too thick by slicing them too thinly to eat with a fork and then covering them with salt.
The other CHiPs are officers Jon Baker and Frank Poncherello of the California Highway Patrol who have an entirely different nutritional profile yet are both unable to be served in schools because "chips is chips", by the way if you ever get chance to buy the DVD of CHiPs '99 by all means do, there is nothing more entertaining / heartbreaking than seeing former childhood idols gone to pot (same goes for The Dukes of Hazzard Reunion, seeing Daisy trying to get in the windows of the General Lee brought tears to mine eyes).

The point being that it is not so cut and dried that low sugar is intrinsically better (my thoughts on artificial sweeteners are written all over this blog) likewise not all crisps are bad, here's a little pop quiz

A/ Ingredients: Potatoes, vegetable oil, cheese and onion flavour [onion powder, lactose, flavour enhancers (monosodium glutamate, sodium guanylate), cheese powder made with animal rennet, wheat maltodextrin, flavouring, colour (annatto)], salt.

Nutritional information
Per 100g: 525 calories; 33g fat (of which 15g is saturated fat); 0.7g sodium (equivalent to 1.75g of salt).

B/ Ingredients; Potatoes, Fully refined non-hydrogenated Sunflower Oil, Natural Mature Cheddar & Red Onion flavour.

Nutritional information
PER 100g; ENERGY 2118kj / 507Kcal PROTEIN 8.9g CARBOHYDRATES 49.3g of which SUGARS 2.0g FAT 30.5g of which SATURATES 4.2g of which MONO-UNSATURATES 8.7g of which POLY-UNSATURATES 16.1g DIETARY FIBRE 5.0g SODIUM 0.5g Equivalent as SALT 1.7g

Okay one of these is a handbaked crisp, one is a leading brand crisp both of them are cheese and onion flavour, can you tell which is which and can you honestly tell me looking at those ingredients that these products are entirely equal?

Crytozoology Corner

Are there still thunderbirds in the sky?

The Thunderbird is a creature common to native American religion. It is named such as the beating of its enormous wings causes thunder and stirs the wind. The Lakota name for the Thunderbird is "Wakinyan," a word formed from "kinyan," meaning "winged," and "wakan," "sacred." It is described as being two canoe-lengths from wingtip to wingtip, with glowing red eyes that cause lightning when closed. Storms are said to be caused by its flight. However it seems that many people are of the opinion that this is not the stuff of legend but something giant flapping round the skies of North America right now

Film Of The Week

Hellsing Vols 1-4
Okay i know its another cartoon or more specifically anime, the highly stylised form of japanese animation, remember Battle of the Planets? well this series OWNS B.O.P.
The Hellsing of the title refers to the Hellsing Foundation a secret organisation operating with the Knowledge of Her Majestys Government (yes its set in England) precided over by Sir Integra Whingates Hellsing (who is a woman so rock she is a sir rather than a dame) the direct decendant of Abraham Van Hellsing, Stokers original vampire hunter. With an unlikely ally in Alucard (yep its dracula backwards) and his vampire ward Ceres Victoria and faithful family retainer Walter (the angel of death) they all KICK VAMPIRES TO BITS.
Massive guns, crazy vatican warrior priests, undead children, ghouls, SAS, vampire dogs biting legs off............Brilliant.

Other good stuff
These comics RRRUUUULLLLLEE remember to press the << button to go back to the start of the strip or manually select it or you'll miss all the good stuff


Dr McNinja

Bye miss y'all already, mind you with my inability to write owt for ages it'll probably be a couple of months before i get owt else done, to be honest its the "crytozoology corner" thats proving the sluffer (technical term) as i'm running out of mysterious stuff and i don't want to resort to ghosts because ghosts are soft except Sadako out of the ring who is the hardest dead teenage goth ghost out.

This is Mary-Kate and Ashley saying "like TOTALLY seeya later homies"


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