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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Its Christmas Again w00t !!1!!one!one!!111

a non-denominational bloody massive Christmas Goat in Sweden, yesterday

So how are y'all its been a while ....again... no-one has bothered to send me any cryptozoological stuff so todays is entirely dull its probably death worms or mokele membes or something, see i haven't even decided yet.

Well whats been happening in the lovely world of food, you remember the gutless FSA and it being ordered about by the FDF? well who steps up to the plate but Ofcom who is a kind of Robert McCall character (those of you who never watched The Equalizer need to watch it NOW it rocks on every level, Eewar Woowar is the rockest septagenarian ex SAS, CIA funded vigilante EVAH!) ..... anyhoo Ofcom has backed up its ginger specky runny-nosed mate the FSA and told the all powerful FDF that it can't advertise its filthy disgusting chicken-arse-skin-dippers to children by cynically pasteing a picture of Scooby Doo on the front but the FDF has the brass balls to claim it's "over the top"!! now is it just me or does that sound like the whining of some evil profiteering scum or not? Well the scraps on the rec' at half four so join us all in a big ring shouting "fight, fight, fight etc"

This a a quite interesting link to the pesticide residues on fruit and veg' which comes from the USFDA

Some welshies have to change the name of their "Welsh Dragon" sausages by the entirely pointless bureacrats at Trading Standards because they don't contain real Dragon!, shame that but i imagine it would taste of chicken everything else does

The government gives vouchers for fruit and veg' that will now no doubt be spent on 10 Sovereign or some Kestrel Super

Cryptozoology Corner

Is David Icke Right?, Do Lizard Men Walk Amongst Us?

Crytomundo has a load of links to fiendish lizard blokes, and these people are just frickin' nuts

Film Of The Week

Undead 2003
Rene, a small-time beauty queen, is forced to move out of her hometown Berkeley, a sleepy town in Queensland due to finicial problems. However, barely had she started the journey when meteors start raining down from the sky, turning all those hit into zombies. In an attempt to escape, she stumbles upon a small group of surviviors including the single most annoying copper wearing shorts i have ever seen on film, and together they must fight their way out of town. However, one of the survivors firmly believes it is more than just a simple zombie outbreak, but part of a bigger conspiracy.
Loads of humour, gore and a ridiculous back plot, Sharpey likes it so much he's had my copy for 6 months.

Other Random Good Stuff

The unutterably funny Alien Loves Predator

and the equally good Ask Dr Eldritch

Right i'm off to get egg-nogged up, see you next year Merry Christmas!!


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